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"But still and all, Pemmican is not by nature a dessert or a confection, it is in chief a condensed food, a ration for wayfarers and warriors who need to travel light so they can move fast and go far." 


-Vilhjalmur Stefansson           
Arctic explorer


Beef Pemmican - KETOGenic Fuel

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While Supplies Last AND at a discount!


I recently used them to fuel a week of 30+ mile days on the PCT. Good shit bro!!


I use them when I am on the go. Clean ingredients, hight fat to protein ratio is part of my game. 


I really love your pemmican. It’s very high quality. Even my picky 8 year old son likes it.


Both my girlfriend and I concur that it is delicious! Quite honestly, I had expected it to be good for me and quite useful for on-the-go snacks as I embark on a ketogenic diet, but probably terrible-tasting. I was totally wrong!

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