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Wayfarers & Warriors provides calorie dense, shelf stable and transportable food options that support a ketogenic metabolism.  We strive to create these products in a manner which utilizes more healthful ingredient choices and a manufacturing process intent on minimizing unhealthful products created in the process.

The founder, Dr Shawn McCann has been approaching health from a functional perspective for over 12 years. He came to appreciate the power in Hippocrates' quote "Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food".  Wayfarers & Warriors is the culmination of over 8 years of dabbling in the kitchen and searching stores for products that weren't available. 

Initial efforts and ideas were borne out of necessity.  Early on he tried many different "diets" experimentally and learned a lot but struggled to maintain many of these regimens, especially while traveling and with life getting busier and busier. The evolution of ideas and formulas shifted toward ketogenics in 2013 while working in Australia.  This dietary tool and approach appeared to hold much promise with challenging health conditions and had been around for decades. In more recent years a ketogenic dietary approach has been shown by many to be a critically important part of an approach to otherwise complex and challenging health conditions, especially in the neuro-degenerative realm.  It is a nutritional approach that is also now being applied to many other health conditions. It is also one of the more challenging nutritional approaches to maintain, especially when one opts for a stricter regimen.  The challenge becomes most evident when one reaches the lower end of their ideal body weight range  as many will continue to lose weight. This is where Wayfarers & Warriors steps in.  We aim to create food to bridge those gaps - calorie gaps and time gaps when you can’t be at home in your kitchen making it yourself from wholefood scratch.

At Wayfarers & Warriors we strive to avoid ingredients that are recognized as being more likely to provoke the immune system. We also source raw materials and employ packaging and preparation techniques that aim to optimize and preserve intrinsic nutritional value while minimizing unhealthful compounds often found in packaged food products.

A ketogenically oriented nutritional approach to health should be undertaken with the assistance and guidance of your clinician.  It can be a challenging approach for many and may be something better utilized for a limited time. There are some for whom it may not be a good choice. Yet, there are others who may need to maintain a ketogenic nutritional approach indefinitely. Products that utilize animal sources of protein and fat may not be the right choice for everyone. We currently have products under development that avoid animal sources of protein and fat.                                          

Get informed, read, research and see your clinician to determine what is best for you.

Our guiding light revolves around health and we are here to help you get to where you are going.


Good luck with your journey, 

Shawn McCann MD



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This information is provided by Wayfarers & Warriors and is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care clinician.  Please consult your doctor about specific medical conditions.