Plastics/Waste: we'd like to be able to use some of the innovative biodegradable packaging out there but at present it does not appear that the technology is there yet for a vaccum packed meat product; evolutions of our product involve efforts to use smaller packages; we are also considering an option to offer products packed in glass jars - stay tuned ! 

What about BPA and plasticizers: we do our best to vet out aspects of our products that have a bearing on health, such as packaging components- the plastic film packaging currently in use does not contain BPA or phthalates. see attached letter supplied from our packaging film manufacturer sourced from their raw material supplier, click here for PDF.  Future plans include sending samples of our product to labs for 3rd party testing to verify the above. 


In the spirit of transparency - Beef source: an effort has been placed on sourcing beef from ranches that adhere to high standards and practices. Most products are made from beef sourced at ranches here in the Northwest region through Carman Ranch https://carmanranch.com/grassfed-beef and Painted Hills https://natural-beef.com/our-beef/ . We trust and endorse their ranching practices!     Processing Plant: who makes our product? After we searched high and low we chose Terry Taylor and his crew at Taylors Sausage https://taylorsausage.com/about; meat products have to be made in a USDA inspected plant and Terry and his crew have been great!